Myga is a live space bar based in a vibrant neighbourhood of Athens. Μύγα in Greek means fly, or else the insect. The brief I had to work with was the following: "We want a fly. People don't like flies cos they come and bother you and flies spread deceases. And we want to open a bar that will have good music, good acts and it won't be low quality like the most of the clubs and bars in the area".

My interpretation was to create sharp graphics and colours in order to match the aggressiveness of the owner’s brief. Through experimentation I came up with a geometric form that represents symbolically the shape of the insect. All brand and identity material followed the same principles by using high contrast colours, such as yellow and black.
This project is featured In "Logos Design Vol. 3" by Taschen
Staff T-shirts
Promotional Poster

Rejected Logos
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